People watched as a Victorian home that was 139 years old was moved seven blocks to a new spot.


The homeowner spent a lot of money, $400,000, to move the old house and everyone watched the interesting event.

Moving is fairly common, even though it can be a hassle and a lot of work. Despite this, it can be a fun experience.

Moving a house is something that doesn’t happen very often.

Last year, a 19th-century house in San Francisco was moved seven blocks away from its original location to make room for a 48-unit, eight-story apartment building.

The Victorian home was moved 0.6 miles, to a different street, near a historic mortuary. Its owner plans to renovate it.

In 2013, real estate broker Tim Brown bought the property for $2.6 million. He had been planning its move for a while, and finally everything was arranged and paid for last year, allowing the move to take place.

Moving such a large and heavy load was not simple and it was not inexpensive.

Brown spent a total of $400,000 on the project.

Along the route, parking meters were taken out, tree branches were cut and traffic signs were moved, according to The Sun.

The owner spent a lot of money – $200,000 on fines and another $200,000 to move everything.

Brown planned to refurbish the 139-year-old building and turn it into seven homes.

The show began at 6am, but many people still came to see it because it was so special.

The house was put onto large wheeled platforms and moved to its new place at a speed of no more than one mile per hour.

People who were at the event were taking videos and photos and sharing them on social media. The news soon picked up the story and started broadcasting it.

People have different opinions about whether the decision was a good one.

The owner deserves thanks for preserving this beautiful home. This house made it through the huge 1906 earthquake which destroyed most of San Francisco.

People liked the idea because it preserves an old building and also makes better use of the land.

Many people were surprised by how much money was spent on this project, and thought about what could have happened if it hadn’t gone through transportation.

The new owners would be better off spending the money elsewhere, because if the building collapsed while it was being transported, it could put a lot of people in danger, which would be awful.

It’s up to us to decide if it was worth the risk and time spent, but it’s certainly a great show.

Look at the video to see how they moved the house.

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