People make popsicles for turtles, causing a chaotic and humorous scene.


The turtles really enjoyed these popsicles.

Kyle Naegli, who is also known as “The Fish Whisperer,” has become famous on YouTube because of his videos featuring his pet fish and turtles.

One particular video has become extremely popular and has been viewed over 52 million times!

Wouldn’t everyone enjoy watching this again and again?

It was hilarious to watch the turtles go wild over Kyle’s popsicle! Even if you don’t have a pet turtle, you’ll find this video enjoyable.

You might be encouraged to get one.

Pet turtles are fairly easy to feed. You can purchase pellets, chunks, and sticks from pet stores which typically contain a blend of vitamins and minerals.

It is best to feed your pet fresh food.

This includes things like vegetables, flowers, greens, and protein.

Worms, snails, and small fish are good for getting protein.

Turtles eat leafy greens like kale, lettuce, and spinach, as well as fruits like strawberries, bananas, kiwi, and tomatoes. They also enjoy eating flowers like dandelions, carnations, and geraniums.

Turtles eat less as they get older.

Turtles that are adults only need to be given food three to five times a week.

Young turtles should be given food two times each day.

If you are giving your turtles commercial turtle food, it is best to let them eat as much as they want for 20 minutes and take away any food that is left so they don’t eat too much.

The type of food your turtle eats depends on the type of turtle you have. Examples include boxed turtles, aquatic turtles, and wood turtles.

Kyle has pet turtles that live in water.

Most aquatic turtles eat both meat and plants, and his popsicle recipe balances these two things perfectly.

This recipe is easy! You’ll need these things:

  • Shad
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Pond water

If you want to make one, just cut them into small pieces.

Put the items you want to freeze into a popsicle mold.

Fill the popsicle mold with pond water, then close it with the cover and put the stick in.

Put in the freezer for at least 4 hours. After that, it’s time to eat!

Kyle’s turtles are enjoying the popsicles he made.

When he removed them from the water, they were so excited they swam away. Initially, the turtles approached individually.

The other turtles heard their friends talking positively about the treat on the surface and decided to go up and try it for themselves.

He was able to attract two turtles at the same time.

Some turtles got really wild when they saw a popsicle – they had to push and shove each other just to get a bite!

We hope nobody was injured.

All turtles were eating quickly and excitedly.

Kyle’s three popsicles were eaten quickly.

Watch the video below to see how fast these turtles go when there is food!

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