People can’t help feeling emotional when they are reunited with their beloved husky after searching for it for four years.


Get a tissue, this might make you emotional.

We really adore our dogs.

They are like family to us, and we can tell them our deepest secrets.

We are excited to go home and see our kids and other people who are eager to welcome us – apart from our children, if we have any.

They can tell when we’re feeling down and give us hugs and kisses.

Mike Plas’s dog was more than just a best friend to him.

He thought of Jack like a brother.

He said his furry brother was always with him, never leaving him alone.

Mike was really heartbroken when he lost Jack.

He said he tied Jack up outside his dad’s house one day. After a few hours, he asked his mom to check on him, but Jack had disappeared.

He managed to escape from his collar and he was really upset.

Mike didn’t know where Jack could have gone.

He wondered if the wolves had gotten him because there were wolves near where he lived, but he still had a feeling he was alright.

Jack would sometimes run to a neighbor’s house, but he would often return home, according to what he told CBC News.

Mike looked for Jack everywhere he went.

Every time he is near his dad’s house, he looks all around, hoping to find Jack. He has been searching for a long time, but he never stops looking for his furry friend.

He was sure that he would eventually find him.

Jack got a phone call at his job on a Thursday afternoon four years later.

The caller wanted to know what his name was and if he had a dog called Jack that was a Husky.

He said yes and explained that he had been separated from the caller for four years. The caller confirmed that they had taken him and asked if he had been microchipped.

He was lucky, which took him to Mike.

Mike drove to Centennial Animal Hospital in Manitoba.

The hospital staff said that Jack was stolen from Thunder Bay in Ontario.

They don’t know how Jack got to Pembina Highway, but a driver saw him there and took it upon themselves to bring him to the animal hospital.

The hospital saw a very emotional reunion when they got back together.

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When Jack spotted Mike, he rushed over, whimpered, and shed tears of joy. Mike couldn’t help but start to cry as well.

The little one was clearly delighted to see Mike again, as he wagged his tail excitedly while Mike hugged him.

Mike was amazed that after four years of looking, he was finally able to hug Jack again.

He said in an interview with CBC News that he thinks eventually everything will go back to normal and he couldn’t take his eyes off the person he was talking about; he couldn’t believe they were there.

He said that he was sure Jack would remember him.

This reunion demonstrates the strong connection between these two. They are much more than owner and pet, they are like brothers.

Look at the reunion in the video below – make sure you have a tissue handy!

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