People are loving this cute Sheepadoodle that looks just like Charlie Brown’s Snoopy.


She could be the main actor in a movie remake!

When you look at Snoopy’s distinctive black ears, oval face, and black nose, you know right away who it is.

Charles Schultz created Charlie Brown’s beloved, adored beagle, who won over everyone’s hearts in all his adventures with Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Woodstock and Peppermint Patty.

Beagles usually don’t have the same colors as Snoopy, but this dog looks just like him, even though it’s not a beagle.

Beagles usually come in white, cream, and black colors. It’s rare to find a beagle with the two color design like the one Charlie Brown’s beagle has.

Beagles are still very cute, even if that’s not the reason they’re so popular.

Bayley the Sheepadoodle looks a lot like Snoopy.

She is famous because of this.

Have you ever been told you look like a famous person? That can happen to dogs too!

Bayley is super cuddly, sweet, and looks great in pictures.

Bayley got a lot of attention after @doodledogsclub posted about how she looks like the famous Snoopy.

Bayley has huge ears and a cute little nose, just like our favorite cartoon dog!

Can you picture Bayley doing the famous Snoopy dance while playing the piano?

Just like Snoopy, Bayley dresses up for different themes. She looks absolutely adorable in each outfit and looks as cool as Snoopy.

Bayley is an adorable dog, even without comparing her to another. She even has some pictures where she has her ears resting on the ground just like Snoopy.

What is a sheepadoodle? Where did this rare breed come from that looks like a cartoon beagle?

A sheepadoodle is created when a miniature poodle and an old English sheepdog are bred together.

You get a size like the first one, fluffiness like the second one, and a cuteness that is a combination of both.

Dogtime says this breed makes a great family pet and is also a great companion for people living alone.

They’re also sometimes referred to as “Sheepdogpoo,” and you can imagine why that name isn’t very popular.

Crossbreeds and mixed-breed dogs are usually healthier than purebreds. Selective breeding has caused a lot of dogs to have genetic problems, which can lead to serious health issues.

Getting a crossbreed dog can help it have a better life and be much happier, like Bayley.

Many people leave comments for Bayley and some of them say “Snoopy is real!” and “Snoopy is still here!”

Bayley is really good at wearing hats, shirts, beanies, and sunglasses. She’s famous!

The dog’s Instagram account now has more than 300,000 followers. Before the Snoopy comparison went viral, Bayley had fewer than 1,000 followers. So, it looks like the likeness to Snoopy probably made a difference.

What will happen next for the sheepadoodle? Could it be going to France, helping its owner get ready for Christmas, or going to a baseball game?

Press the video below to get more details about Bayley, the adorable Snoopy look-alike!

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