Pastry chef gives a biscuit to the customer who says he can’t pay: he receives a $1,000 reward


Over time, the company has undergone a clear transformation. Everyone is in a hurry and are mainly, and almost exclusively, focused on themselves, there are less and less moments to devote to others . In contemporary reality there are many who think exclusively of their own advantage and there are too few who, on the other hand, do good deeds, without thinking about the reward.

The tiktoker protagonist of the story, however, wanted to demonstrate that there are still individuals willing to help others without expecting anything in return , or those who act simply to see someone else happy . These people are truly worthy of being rewarded . Let’s see, then what happened.

Zachery Dereniowski is a Canadian boy, known on social media under the pseudonym of mdmotivator , famous above all for monetaryly helping people who perform noble gestures. A video has appeared on his channel in which he testifies to the great generosity of a pastry chef and for this he has decided to reward him. In the clip we see a boy enter an oven and start talking to the man at the counter.

Zachery asks the pastry chef how much the delicious biscuits on display cost , to the man’s answer the boy explains that unfortunately he doesn’t have the money with him to pay.

At that point, the pastry chef decides to make a very noble gesture, takes the biscuit and hands it to the boy . Furthermore, he asks him, too, if he wants a coffee : ” I bought this machine recently, I have to run it often “.

Zachery moved by the kindness of this pastry chef places an envelope on the counter. The man looks at it and when he opens it he discovers that inside there are 1,000 dollars (or about 920 euros) in cash. As soon as she saw them she couldn’t believe his eyes, but above all she didn’t think it could be true that that figure was for him, so much so that she couldn’t hold back her happiness .

The clip moved many users who could not help but praise the action of the pastry chef. ” What a lovely person, you feel as soon as he starts talking that he is kind “, ” I love videos that show how good people still exist ” or, again, ” there are, fortunately, those who think about the well-being of others “.

When the pastry chef woke up that morning, he would never have thought that his generous character would be rewarded.

What do you think of the gesture of both protagonists of the video?

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