Parents of quintuplets give up four babies ‘because they only want one.


They decided to give four babies up for adoption.

There are two things that they don’t tell us when one becomes a father: the great effort that it requires in time, dedication or expenses and that it can take a long time to achieve a pregnancy, contrary to what many believe.

Not all of us are prepared for the great responsibility that a baby brings with it. In most cases, the whole family comes together to support, but in others, they prefer to relinquish responsibility permanently.

This last example happened to this 34 and 37-year-old couple from Vigo, Pontevedra. They were six years old trying to be parents when they finally got pregnant last year.

After several in vitro fertilization attempts, the couple’s dream was close to coming true. What they never thought was that they would become the parents of 5 babies.

The couple then decided the unthinkable, leaving 4 for adoption and keeping only one. They defended their decision, saying that they “did not see themselves raising 5 children”.

The way of choosing the baby that they would keep was somewhat strange for the couple, since before the “difficult decision”, they opted for this solution:

“Since they don’t speak yet, they don’t speak or anything, we couldn’t know which of the babies was the smartest, so we were superficial and decided to keep the one we thought was the most handsome ,” said the father, who did not reveal his identity.

“We are aware that having a child changes your life, we knew it and we had assumed it, but five children already seem too much to us ,” he added.

The remaining four babies were sent to an orphanage where they hope to be adopted by families who can offer them the love and care they deserve.

“Let the other four go with couples who, like us, have difficulties having children and making them happy,” the father concluded.

Each little one may go off with different family, which would mean they would never know they were together in the womb. Some network users commented that this link “cannot be broken so easily” and that “they should grow together as they came into the world.”

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