Parents create a unique bookcase for their children’s enjoyment using panels.


It was a lengthy process, but it was well worth it, the couple said. Having said that, I must admit that I completely concur.??

Admit it: despite how popular they are, print still holds a significant advantage over digital formats.

We love books, and that affection is reflected in our book collections.

This project, created by a creative couple for their children’s library room, is captivating and we can’t help but be enthralled by it.

Creatively bursting forth

The couple from Australia, Jes and Sinclair, have been wed for more than ten years.

Their two lovely sons serve as the foundation of their project.

At SCP Constructions, Sinclair serves as the director.

The necessities of developing and repairing residential dwellings are the exclusive focus of S. C. P. Constructions, according to its Facebook page.

Company ownership is held by Sinclair. It is clear that he enjoys creating things, particularly lovely things.

The environment as a source of creativity

The International Association for Design Research conducted a study and analysis and discovered that children’s creativity can flourish in a variety of settings.

Children surveyed for this study also mentioned that they like to be in well-lit areas.

When the furnishings and colors are chosen to meet their demands, their creativity tends to work more effectively.

We could call it a kid-friendly setting.

An eighteen-hour task

Making this bookcase took the couple 16 hours.

The couple’s decision to allow their children to assist them in construction was one of the process’ greatest features.

You’ll be genuinely motivated to perform this at home by the step-by-step procedure.

An instant review of the process

After taking measurements and selecting the design, they ordered the specially made panels and spent about $900 for them.

One by one, Sinclair screwed the boxes into the wall after they were delivered to a nearby store.

He worked in such a way that you can practically feel the outcome taking shape.

An intelligent layout

For the 36 boxes, the couple also chose to build a false wall.

Even by itself, this is a great thought.

Screws were used to attach the boxes to the wall, and then, to smooth the wall out, they were covered and painted.

The conclusion is shown here:

The task was something they could handle.

Because this is a part of a qualifying drive for an Australian reality TV program called The Block, the pair started the project for this reason among others.

The show The Block features couples competing to renovate their homes in order to get the best price when selling them.

The fact that they can celebrate their 11th anniversary in such a wonderful way is the second reason, though.

Additionally, Jessica’s post states that “It was a huge process but it was totally worth it.”

Watch the video below to learn more about how they work!

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