Paintings that awaken your imagination show you two scenes in one


The dream of any adult who lives in constant change and with a very busy life is to be a child again and forget a little about everyday problems.

Robert Gonsalves understood the true meaning of life very well and never lost that spark and creativity that every child possesses. This prompted him to make his way into the magical world of art. With his incredible paintings, he shows us those fantastic stories that are the creation of an innocent mind, the ideal world that only children dream of. The realism of his paintings creates a unique optical illusion since each image represents more than two scenes in one. Like ships sailing in the ocean transformed into imposing bridges and impressive waterfalls composed by monks or dancers, an entire city is the creation of a child playing in the park, among many other works. The line in each of his works is a call to awaken the imagination.

His magical illusion is notably represented by that vibrant youth that still accompanies him and characterizes “a childhood of daydreaming and drawing.”

Gonsalves tells us, “my life has been transformed into creating paintings based solely and exclusively on my imagination and that of the children”.

His fantastic paintings are currently used as illustrations for children’s books. Among some of his works are Imagine a day, Imagine a world, Imagine a place and Imagine a night.

Due to his inclination toward architecture, his paintings perfectly contrast nature and beautiful buildings.

In this painting, he presents us with an entire city created by some children playing in the park with their building blocks.

Buildings under the moonlight become the imposing green trees of a forest.

Forest is made up of tall pine trees and a beautiful river created with women walking in the dark of night with their headlights on, giving the illusion that it helps them see the way.

With this marvel, we can see at first glance the transition of several ships sailing in the sea, but when we look closely at the image, we see how everything is transformed into a vast and imposing bridge.

An overflowing river that ends up being created by some pretty flamenco dancers in white costumes.

Suppose you have never imagined a bridge made up of only people. In that case, Robert Gonsalves presents it to you in this superb illustration where, in addition to including a perfect landscape, he raises it with the demonstration of a train in apparent movement.

Do not let the light of your creativity and imagination go out, share this article, leave your comment on each of the illustrations, and tell us what the first thing you see is.

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