Over 81 newborns have been cared for by a 78-year-old adoptive mother in her life.


For over 40 years, she has provided a home to newborns.
One adoptive mother in San Francisco has dedicated her whole life to assisting children in need of love and care.

Linda Owens has spent years in the adoption system, yet she is unique.

Linda is an experienced adoptive mother who specializes in newborn care.

Linda has provided care for over 81 newborns throughout her adoption journey and has no intentions to quit.

Linda is a blessing to scores of infants in need, having fostered them for over 4 decades. Linda has impacted the lives of scores of youngsters across the country despite never having her own kids.

People call this wonderful lady many names. Baby Whisperer, Mama Linda, and Miss Linda are some of them.

The 78-year-old lady intends to keep adopting children as long as her body permits.

Linda adds that, while the profession has its limitations, it is a very worthy and satisfying vocation. She will ensure that the newborns receive the care and affection they require to be ready for adoption in the future.

According to the San Francisco Bay Area, Linda is the oldest foster mom working with them.

When a couple becomes parents, they can’t wait till their babies are old enough to sleep without crying. But for Linda, the baby stage never finishes.

Linda lives alone and adopts 1-to 2 infants at a time.

Linda has looked after multiple twin pairs throughout her adoption career. A few of her previous babies communicate with her via telephone calls, emails, and during visits.

Some children she fostered are now over 37 years old.

Whilst in the womb of the mother, a high number of the babies who would come under Linda’s adoption were subjected to life-threatening medications and chemicals.

This has caused developmental delays in such babies and also has caused sleeping problems. Linda will undoubtedly treat them with ongoing tolerance and attention. Although she is an adoptive mom, she adores each baby as if they were her own.

Linda’s positivity and tenacity are described as exuberant by a local physician.

Linda’s generosity never wavered in her four decades of service to the foster-care system. During each routine appointment, she was always upbeat and optimistic.

Linda is often visited by kids she fostered; they keep her informed on major events in their lives.

One of the caretakers who work with Linda said to the KPIX CBS SF Bay area that Linda gives guidance to the new moms of the babies she takes care of. And Linda was able to personalize her advice for each youngster.

Linda received the Jefferson Award for her years of dedication to the adoption-care system in recognition of her altruistic services to newborns in need.

The Jefferson Award seeks to honour people who strive to do good daily. Award recipients have demonstrated exceptional service to the public and continue encouraging everyone to follow them.

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