An elderly woman was walking her dog


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Our choices and actions are important. Kindness can have a positive impact, while wrongdoing can lead to consequences. Karma helps us understand the importance of being responsible and fair.

This joke perfectly shows how karma works and how our wrong actions can come back to haunt us.

A senior woman was out walking her dog when a young man suddenly snatched her bag and ran away.


The elderly lady was approached by a couple who saw the incident from across the street. They checked if she was okay and assured her that they had called the police, who were on their way.

The woman appeared unfazed. In fact, she was smiling, which puzzled the couple. When they inquired about the contents of her bag, she explained that she had only been using it to carry her dog’s waste until she could properly dispose of it at home.


Just picture the thief’s reaction when he discovers he took a bag of dog poop. Absolutely priceless, right?

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