Orphan bear seeks comfort and compassion from his guardian. I was in desperate need of some decent hugs.

Jim (the caregiver) rubbed his belly and embraced him for a few minutes while Leo (the brown bear) licked his hands in thanks.

Screenshot (YouTube Orphaned Wildlife Center)

Many keepers form bonds with their animals that transcend species boundaries. There are numerous incidents of tigers, lions, and dogs remembering humans who provided a helping hand to them.

In this example, Jim is a member of the Orphaned Wildlife Center. This wildlife rehabilitation center was founded in 2015 to provide care and protection for orphaned animals.

Screenshot (YouTube Orphaned Wildlife Center)

Leo, a brown bear that came over for consolation and embraces, is one of them. He needed an Apache, some pampering, and some motivation.

Screenshot (YouTube Orphaned Wildlife Center)

The company witnessed a beautiful moment that made them appreciate their work and prove that they were doing it well.

The center is in New York City (United States), home to many animals, primarily bears.

Screenshot (YouTube Orphaned Wildlife Center)

“Nothing compares to the bond that exists between a mother and her child.” Survival abilities are passed down from generation to generation, and the need to protect nature’s delicate balance has never been more substantial in an ever-changing world.

Our mission at the Orphaned Wildlife Center is to offer a haven and care for really orphaned animals while also preparing them to return to the wild. We hope that we can encourage people to respect and enjoy our native wildlife by working together. The animals are not taught any “tricks” or asked to perform any tasks. They’re just part of our household.”

–Details the center on its website –

Leo isn’t the only brown kid at home; there are several more.

He appeared to recall a time when he was alone and without relatives, reaching out to express gratitude and get consolation at that exact moment. Leo is an adult who has been well-cared for, but he has the soul of a child. ❤️

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