She delivered pizza to rusty trailer for years, but never saw the inside – One peek made a startling discovery


For years, she had been delivering pizzas to a rusty old trailer without ever glimpsing its interior. But one day, curiosity got the better of her, and she peered inside – only to make a shocking discovery…

If you feel like you’ve lost faith in humanity, don’t worry. There are always individuals with hearts of gold and kind actions that can help restore it.

Angela Nguyen has been working at Domino’s for a very long time and she has delivered thousands of pizzas over the years.

She always brought pizza to a man named Lee Haase every Saturday without fail. Suddenly, the orders ceased. Angela, concerned, decided to visit her faithful customer.


Upon her arrival at his house, she observed a significant portion of the roof was gone because of a recent strong storm. Unfortunately, Lee didn’t have the means to repair his home. Additionally, he was dealing with the loss of his son in a snowmobile accident, making it a very difficult time for him.

Angela searched for Lee, but he was not around. Yet, Angela’s daughter, who delivers pizzas too, found out that he was staying in a rusty trailer close to his place.

Regrettably, the trailer lacked heating, water, a sewage outlet, and electricity.


Angela sympathized with Lee, therefore she made a decision to take action.

She expressed her concern, saying that we needed to take action. It was not right for a person to live in such conditions. Her first step was to acquire an electric heater for him, and then she initiated a crowdfunding campaign. To her astonishment, the campaign caught the interest of numerous community members who were willing to contribute. Within two months, they managed to raise $32,360. Angela stated, “We all found joy in this endeavor. It wasn’t just for Lee, but for all of us.”

Lee managed to acquire a fresh trailer and begin anew.


Angela took it to the next level and surprised Lee with a brand new house instead of pizza.

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