On a very cold night, a rich man outside met a homeless old man.


One freezing night, a wealthy man encountered a destitute elderly man outdoors. The millionaire paused and inquired, “I notice you don’t have a winter jacket, aren’t you cold?” The old man gazed at him for a while and responded, “I am not, I have grown accustomed to it.” The rich man, taken aback by the reply, exclaimed, “Wait here! I will go to my house and fetch you a warm, thick coat to keep you comfortable during the night.”

The elderly man’s face brightened as he joyfully assured him that he would stay and patiently wait for him there. The wealthy man stepped into the house, but unfortunately, he forgot the commitment he had made to the elderly man.

When he woke up in the morning, he recalled the destitute man and hurriedly ventured outside to search for him. Regrettably, the elderly man had passed away due to the harsh cold. The wealthy individual discovered a message left behind by the old man. “Back when I lacked warm attire, I possessed the resilience to endure the cold weather since I was accustomed to it. However, when you pledged to assist me, I relied on your promise, and that diminished my ability to withstand it.”

Don’t make promises, not even about love, if you can’t fulfill them. It may not matter to you, but it could mean the world to someone else! Kindly share this incredible story on your Facebook story. Thank you.

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