Older Walmart employee’s mortgage can be paid off and she can retire when TikToker raises $170,000 for her.


An senior Walmart employee who wanted to retire has received more than $171,000 in funding thanks to a TikToker.

As Nola, a Walmart employee, sat by herself in the break room, Devan Bonagura recently posted a TikTok of her. Over the video, which has received over 26 million views on the social networking website, he wrote in English, “Life shouldn’t be this difficult.

Bonagura created a GoFundMe page for Nola that same day after receiving support from commenters.
In the second video, Nola tells Bonagura that she must continue working in order to pay off her mortgage. For retirement, she would require $170,000.

The house, she says in the video, “is what’s keeping me at work.”

The GoFundMe website received donations from around 13,000 people, raising $171,000 in less than a week.

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The granddaughter of Nola congratulated Bonagura for his wonderful deed.

“I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for my family and me. It was a very sweet thing for you to do, and it means a lot to all of us that you did this for her,” she added in a video. From all of us, thank you so much.

Bonagura, who works for a separate company inside of Walmart that sells phones, claims he was fired and informed that the company was under threat as a result of his videos.

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He stated in a video on November 4 that “they are receiving a lot of backlash, so they told me I need to delete the video, delete the GoFundMe, and return all the money to the people who donated it or they are going to involve the police.” I therefore instructed them to take whatever action was necessary in order to deliver the funds to the woman in question.

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