Not only mom: Swedish photographer showed fathers who chose the difficult path of the decree


One of the beautiful phenomena of the 21st century has become, to be more precise, becoming conscious parenthood. More and more couples are thinking about equal partnership in such an important issue as childbearing. After all, it is not a secret for anyone that raising bunnies on the lawn, when your watch has already struck twelve, and you yourself are like a pumpkin, is wow, what a difficult task. An occupation that usually fell on the shoulders of mothers. Thankfully, dads are becoming more and more interested in direct, included parenting, which is great!

Deciding to highlight one of the aspects of parenthood, codenamed “decree”, Swedish photographer Johan Bavman created a photo project in which he captured fathers who went on “vacation” to care for a child.

Fredrik Janson and his son Ossian

Andreas Bergström and sons Sam and Elliot

Juan Cardenal with son Ivo and daughter Alma

The Swedish Fathers project was created to showcase the small percentage of dads who want to spend the first months of life with their children.

Tjord van Weyenburg and Tim

Jonas Faldt with daughters Siri and Lovis

Sweden has one of the most generous parental leave policies. In total, the state provides up to 480 days of paid leave.

Urban Nord with his son Holger

Ola Larsson and Gustav

The purpose of encouraging fathers is to promote gender equality.

Martin Gagner with his daughter and son Valdemar

John Wallin and babies Ines and Johannes

But even with government support, a very small percentage of popes exercise their right to decree.

Markus Bargquist with Ted and Sigge

Louis Coolau with son Elling

One of the goals of this project is the photographer’s desire to introduce the world to the interesting Swedish parenting system.

Fredrik Appelberg with his daughter Mayken

Yoran Sevelin with baby Liv

And the second goal is to inspire fathers around the world to spend more time with their young children, who need equal participation from both mom and dad.

Peter Herkel with daughter Mira

Patrick Barrseter and baby Eyra

With all this, Johan Bavman does not want to glorify the uniqueness of these dads in the vein of “what a good fellow”, belittling maternal merits. On the contrary, it creates an environment for discussing “Why did these dads become unique.”

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