“Nine clothing items that can make you look less attractive than a funhouse mirror.”


Coco Chanel, a famous fashion designer, once said, “Fashion is like building a house; it’s all about getting the sizes right.” To make sure your outfit with clothes, shoes, and jewelry looks good and doesn’t make your body shape look strange, you should pay attention to the lines that split your figure into different parts.

Boat neck

This type of neckline appears stylish and delicate, which is why Audrey Hepburn liked it. However, it doesn’t flatter everyone because it can make the neck look shorter and thicker. It can also make the body seem uneven. To achieve the opposite effect, it’s better to go for an outfit with a V-neckline.

Big and heavy ring earrings, as well as chandelier earrings.

Lively and large earrings can be stunning, but they might draw attention to certain body features you don’t want. They can make your neck look shorter and your face appear heavier. If you prefer a more delicate look for your neck and face, consider wearing small stud earrings or danglers. They can look just right.

A close-fitting dress made from lightweight fabric.

Dresses like this highlight every part of your body. If your hips are curvier than your chest, it’ll make that difference even more obvious. If you have an “apple” body shape, these tight dresses can make your waist seem larger, and the thin fabric can reveal any bumps. It’s a better idea to go for an A-line dress. It makes your body look more elegant and balanced, really classy.

Clothes with frills.

Any clothing with ruffles gives off a feminine vibe, but it’s important to remember that these frilly additions make the area they’re on look bigger. Ruffles on the shoulders, bust, or hips add extra bulk to your body and can make it appear fuller. When there are lots of ruffles on an outfit, it can make it seem a bit heavy.

An incorrect hemline length.

No matter if it’s a skirt or a dress, the hemline should not go over the widest part of your hips or calves. When it does, it can make your body look shorter and heavier.

For instance, a midi dress that typically goes down to the middle of the calf may not look good on many women, no matter their body shape. However, a longer dress with a side or front slit can be more flattering and make your legs look longer.

Chunky and lengthy necklaces.

A broad necklace can give the impression of a shorter and thicker neck. Moreover, it can make the person wearing it look older. Long necklaces that hang lower than the chest line can also affect your overall shape, making you seem shorter. These sizable necklaces work best for taller individuals, while those with a curvier body type should opt for small pendants that fall around the collarbones or slightly below.

Clothing combinations with striking differences.

It’s been common knowledge that horizontal stripes can make your body look shorter. Mixing different colors in layers does the same thing. If you wear an outfit with several horizontal blocks in contrasting colors, it can make your body appear bulkier and less tall, which isn’t ideal for your body shape. Picking a single-colored outfit or clothes without strong color contrasts is a better choice.

Boots that reach the middle of your calf.

These boots stop at the widest part of your calf, which can make your calves look bigger and your legs seem shorter. To create the illusion of longer and more graceful legs, it’s a better idea to opt for knee-length boots. However, make sure the boots don’t have laces or other horizontal elements, as they can spoil the desired effect.

Long top

To figure out the perfect length for a shirt or top, all you have to do is find the widest part of your hips. If the shirt goes below this point, it might make your body seem shorter, and your legs could look visually shorter too. Shorter tops, on the other hand, can make your legs appear longer, creating a longer and slimmer silhouette.

Styling clothing can appear quite challenging. Even when selecting the right skirt, there are many details to think about.

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