Nikon is taking a stand against AI-generated images and promoting the value of “natural intelligence.”


With the rise of AI-powered image generation impacting fields like photography and illustration, Nikon is making a strong statement against AI and advocating for humans, cameras, and the concept of “natural intelligence.”

According to Little Black Book, Nikon Peru has collaborated with the ad agency Circus Grey Peru for a fresh advertising campaign called “Natural Intelligence.” Despite AI’s ability to generate lifelike images using basic text prompts, Nikon aims to emphasize that the real world is brimming with remarkable moments that are best captured through a camera, rather than relying on AI-generated imaginings.

“We find ourselves in the era of Artificial Intelligence,” states Nikon Peru in the embedded 2-minute video. “Across the globe, countless individuals are captivated by the ability to generate extraordinary and surreal images simply by inputting a few keywords.”

“Our preoccupation with the artificial is causing us to overlook the fact that our world is teeming with astonishing natural wonders that are often more peculiar and fascinating than anything we can conjure up through fiction.”

“We have developed a campaign featuring genuinely unbelievable natural images captured using our cameras, using keywords similar to those employed in Artificial Intelligence.”

Every photo in the advertising campaign is paired with a lighthearted sentence, illustrating the peculiar kind of prompt that an AI image generator might require to produce something comparable.

In one of the campaign photos, there is a cliff that looks like it’s from the game Minecraft. It’s located by the seashore during the winter season.

In another campaign photo, an Egyptian pharaoh is hiding from his enemies. But instead of a regular hiding place, he finds himself in a world made entirely of chocolate, which looks really delicious.

In a different photo from the campaign, there is an unexpected sight: a skatepark made for lattes, like the ones you drink, located right in the middle of the desert on the planet Mars. It’s a quirky combination that captures the imagination!

In yet another captivating photo from the campaign, you’ll find a mountain range that appears to be painted with vibrant and surreal colors. The artwork follows an expressive style known as expressionism, which creates a psychedelic and captivating effect.

In one of the campaign’s striking images, you can see the skyline of Manhattan. However, this time it’s a hundred years in the future, after a fictional zombie apocalypse has occurred. The skyscrapers of Manhattan stand tall, giving a glimpse of what the city might look like in a post-apocalyptic setting.

In another fascinating photo from the campaign, there are miniature volcanoes that defy reality. These volcanoes are bursting with vibrant colors and erupting water in a manner reminiscent of a beautiful fountain. It’s a surreal and captivating sight that sparks the imagination.

The increasing use of AI in image production has indeed impacted photographers and the photography industry. Certain types of images can now be created more affordably and quickly using artificial means, compared to hiring a human photographer. This has created challenges and changes in the industry.

According to Little Black Book, the ability for millions of people worldwide to generate surreal images simply by entering keywords on a website is having a direct impact on photographers, especially in regions with fewer resources. In Latin America, for instance, photographers working in editorial and advertising sectors are being contacted less frequently by brands. As a result, they are gradually losing opportunities, work, and income.

Nikon’s ad campaign serves as a platform for championing the worth of photographers and the creative output they produce. The campaign aims to emphasize the significance and uniqueness of the work photographers bring to the table.

According to Charlie Tolmos, the Chief Creative Officer of Circus Grey Peru, Nikon holds a significant commitment to photographers worldwide. He emphasizes that photographers, with their talent and artistic vision, have contributed to our enjoyment of the most breathtaking and extraordinary images. This commitment is why it was crucial for Nikon to take the initiative and support what has always been their brand’s purpose: photography.

Nikon Peru extensively shared its “Natural Intelligence” images through a national ad campaign in Peru. These captivating images were prominently displayed in print magazines and showcased on giant billboards, reaching a wide audience across the country.

According to the company, the response to the campaign was amazing. They received a highly positive reaction from 99% of people, who expressed their appreciation. Additionally, 95% of people recognized the brand behind the campaign. The campaign also motivated hundreds of individuals to grab their cameras and explore the outdoors.

Don’t lose hope in the real world.

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