Nature has amazed us more than 10 times.


In school, we learn that animals usually have specific colors. However, no one could have predicted a completely black zebra or a lobster that’s only partially orange. Nature keeps astonishing us, even now!

We’ve chosen a few examples to show how nature’s wonders make us perceive our surroundings in unique ways, defying common beliefs.

1. It’s like the rabbit equivalent of Disney’s Dumbo the Elephant.

SittingInTheDark / reddit

2. We’d really like to give some affection to this American Bashkir horse.

GentlemanSquid / reddit

3. The perfect symmetry on this newborn kitty’s face would make any mathematician envious.

4. A kitten with the aspiration to sprint like a leopard.

OnyxiasLair / reddit

5. This greater sage-grouse appears to be the reigning monarch among the birds!

Bob Wick, BLM /

6. This chrysalis resembles a Christmas decoration.


7. “We care about you as well, pal!”

 inhalegram / imgur

8. Nature used its most vibrant colors to paint this pink katydid.

9. This cat appears as though it’s crafted from marble.

unknown / imgur

10. The sight of this albino humpback whale breaching the water leaves us breathless.

11. A “split” lobster is an uncommon discovery, happening in approximately one out of every 100 million lobsters.

12. Zophie, the magnificent horse, resembles an oil painting.

13. “Why try to blend in when you were born to stand out?”

We hope you felt the same amazement seeing these pictures as we did while curating this collection. Which of these incredible creatures were you unaware of? Please share your thoughts and tell us how nature has left you in awe in the comments below.

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