Unlock The Mystical Power Of An Antique Relic


Moving into an old house brings the excitement of discovering something new.

Several fascinating objects have been found by individuals hidden in their attics, basements, walls, or floorboards. An unusual vintage artifact was uncovered in a century-old residence.

A vintage marble razor blade sharpener that surprises with its looks.

Confused with a Toy

This old artifact resembles a well-known children’s toy from the 1960s and 1970s, leading some to confuse it with “Clackers.” However, “Clackers” were made of plastic acrylic balls and string, while this relic consists of two glass marbles, a steel rod, and a wooden or metal base.

What was the function of the vintage razor blade sharpener? It was a tool used to sharpen razor blades during the 1930s. Despite the limited information available about its history, the intricate design showcases the craftsmanship of handmade items from that era. It serves as a charming reminder of rare items from the past.

Many Phases of Shaving

Shaving methods have changed a lot over time. People used to use shark teeth, clam shells, and bulky metal tools in cute kits. Now, most men and women shave with disposable razors or electric ones. It used to be a sign of status and wealth, but now it’s common for everyone.

Historians believe that shaving dates back to 4000 BCE. Cave paintings show people shaving with flint and shells. Egyptian tombs have revealed razors made of copper and gold.

Shaving has become more popular, leading to new razor designs with extra blades for better safety and precision.

Filling an Important Role

The old marble razor blade remains a practical and fashionable tool to keep, even though it may seem outdated. Nowadays, they are handy for sharpening knives and straight razors.

The razor sharpener is easy to use and stays polished for consistent sharpening, unlike other sharpeners that may become rough. To maintain sharp knives and razors, simply glide the blade between the two marbles a couple of times.

Surprisingly, historians and collectors who appreciate well-crafted tools from the past also find this artifact highly appealing. Numerous Reddit users have shared their discoveries of the antique marble razor blade sharpener in various locations, such as old boxes in the garage, despite the limited information available. Many people have asked about it and received helpful responses, sometimes even with a touch of humor.

“I remember this! My grandpa shared how he used to sell these door to door back in the Great Depression. They weren’t very effective, but he would switch in a new blade to demonstrate its quality and make a quick sale!” remarked one person.

The Kenberry blade sharpener is what it’s called. This image is the only proof I could find. Since they didn’t work well, many people had them lying around and repurposed them.

In the meantime, someone proposed an alternative way to utilize the tool. Instead of a razor blade sharpener, it can be used as a dish towel holder. It is designed to be attached to a cabinet handle, allowing the towel to slide in and out effortlessly. This particular one belonged to my grandmother, who used to sell them in her grocery store during the 60’s, right next to the dish towels.

Due to its age, figuring out the exact purpose of the tool could be difficult. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful piece of handmade history that can spark interesting discussions.

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