Mountain gorilla ends her 14-year journey of life in front of the person who gave her life back.

Virunga National Park

A photo of a mountain gorilla with an anti-poaching ranger became viral, winning worldwide fame. Unfortunately, this magnificent creature ended life at the age of 14 in the arms of the ranger that saved her life at a very early age. They went viral a few years ago after being on a selfie together.

The final moment between the two long-standing friends was posted on Instagram by Virunga National Park. The heart-rending photo shows Ndakasi, the gorilla lying on her caretaker and protector: Andre Bauma’s chest a moment before ending her life.

The Virunga has announced the passing away of the majestic creature with their heartwarming sorrow, who had been orphaned for more than a decade long under the care of Parks’s Senkwekwe Center. The park also has mentioned that the death was a cause of a long-lasting illness. It got severe around the evening of 26 September. Then resulted in Ndakasi ending her life in her beloved friend’s arms.

Virunga National Park

The hope and determination towards protecting animals are symbolized by all creatures, along with Ndakasi living in the Virunga park, Congo. The story of Ndakasi is one of the best examples of how much these creatures have to suffer from poaching.

Nadkasi lost her mom due to poaching. But luckily, she was rescued by the rangers and was brought to the Senkwekwe Center when she was only two months old.

A team of over 600 rangers is available in Virunga park, devoted to protecting the endangered mountain gorillas. They would not think twice to risk their lives in any situation to keep these gentle giants safe.

Nothing but the bond between Ndakasi and Andre depicts how much love, care, protection is provided to the wildlife by these rangers.

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