Motorist Fills Pothole Without Consent- Private Company Gets Enraged


Law enforcement and the Public Works Department in Cornwall, England are currently searching for an unidentified driver who reportedly took action and filled a massive pothole in the road with cement.

British individuals know that the roads can be problematic, but the residents of Cornwall faced extra challenges when trying to avoid the section at the intersection of Tanhouse Road and Bodmin Hill in Lostwithiel because of a large pothole in the middle of the road.

The road was officially closed in early April. A spokesperson from the Cornwall Council blamed ongoing drainage issues for the deterioration of the road’s surface.

However, following a month of no action from the government, an unidentified person became quite frustrated with the enormous pothole. They took matters into their own hands and filled it with concrete during the first weekend of May. This do-it-yourself repair did manage to temporarily reopen the road. Unfortunately, the road repair company Cormac, employed by the Cornwall Council, closed the road once more because their team had not officially carried out the work.

The leaders of Cornwall Highways are searching for the person who is responsible for this. They said that someone, without permission, took down the signs.

The road closure is expected to last until June 9th as the company needs to address a backlog of pothole repairs. A manager from Cornwall Highways expressed gratitude for any information about the works being shared within the community. Colin Martin, the Cornwall councilor for Lanreath and Lostwithiel, described the pothole as a symbol of the public sector’s deterioration caused by insufficient investment.

Mr. Martin told Cornwall Live that the road has been closed once again and will stay closed until it is fixed properly by Cormac. However, this might take weeks as all the teams are currently busy filling smaller potholes on open roads. The Conservatives in charge of Cornwall Council have reduced the budget for road resurfacing and proactive maintenance over the past two years. This short-sighted decision has led to an increase in potholes appearing across Cornwall at a faster rate than Cormac can repair them.

A citizen has once again taken on the responsibility of improving the city. Back in 2017, a Toronto resident noticed that the community garden needed new park stairs. The city estimated that it would cost a significant amount, ranging from $65,000 to $150,000. However, the man decided to take matters into his own hands and built the stairs himself for only $550. Unsurprisingly, the city was displeased with his actions. To discover what they did next, continue reading.

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