Mother: “Here’s why I’m sharing my daughter’s last moments on Facebook”


Zoey was only three years old when her cancer was detected.

Prior to falling ill, she possessed abundant energy and was always active, similar to numerous other children. She was raised in a caring household and displayed affection, enjoyment, and happiness.

Zoey fell while playing one day. A couple of weeks later, she couldn’t use her hands.

Zoey’s family promptly brought her to the hospital as soon as they noticed something was amiss.

Upon their arrival, they listened to something that would remain etched in their memories forever, delivering a message they would always remember.

The doctor told them that their beloved young daughter, who was full of energy and affection, had DIPG, a rare and serious brain tumor.

Casey, her mother, explained that they were unsure of what to do or where to go, as they were informed that it was essentially a death sentence.

The family would experience a tragedy and nightmare that no one would ever wish upon even their worst enemy.

Despite the challenges, they stayed composed and made a strong effort to be strong for Zoey. Zoey had to go through multiple cancer treatments in the next two years.

The family found a radiation therapy center in Germany where Zoey made good progress. However, she eventually stopped responding.

She soon began to feel even more unwell. Unimaginable events were on the verge of happening.

Zoey peacefully passed away in her American home on July 4th, 2018.

Her parents knew they could have some beautiful last moments together, despite the fact that their family was inevitably devastated by her impending death.

Zoey kept spreading happiness until the very end. Her parents invited loved ones to visit and say goodbye before she passed away.

Now, her courageous mother has made the brave choice to post the family’s final moment on Facebook.

Casey mentioned that they shared it because, despite the pain, it was a moment of beauty in their eyes.

The image displays parents embracing their beloved daughter.

They were sitting on the couch with the family dog. They had spent the day singing Disney songs. A Harry Potter movie was on TV. And then, in the midst of the peace and quiet, Zoey disappeared.

The globe will soon discover Zoey. We plan to continue sharing kindness and positivity with everyone because she has already shared so much with us.

Zoey’s heart ceased to beat halfway through the movie.

I saw a few families making memories together and at first, I didn’t plan on joining them. However, I changed my mind and decided, “I want a picture like that too. I want to preserve those special moments to cherish even when my memory fades,” she said.

The family behind Zoey’s Light Facebook page aims to share the hope and positivity that Zoey brought to the world during her lifetime. Their goal is to motivate others to support and cherish one another, embracing love and gratitude in their everyday lives.

The experience that Caseby and Ben had was something no parent should ever have to endure.

Casey and Ben, you two have been the most incredible parents. My prayers will never cease. Zoey is now a guardian angel watching over all of us.

Rest in peace, sweet Zoey.

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