Mother had to spend more than 40 years before seeing her son for the first time.


Thuy-Nga’s baby boy was taken away from her the day he was born, and the only thing Thuy-Nga could do was pray to see him again. The heavens heard the poor mother’s prayer, but it took more than 40 years for it to happen.

It was really an unfortunate incident. Thuy-Nga went through a lot of pain as she lost her baby. To make things worse, she was helpless and wasn’t helped to find the baby.

Thuy-Nga was a seventeen-year-old teenager when she got pregnant with a baby boy. And she wasn’t married at that point.

The child’s father was a U.S Veteran, and her family wasn’t happy about it. Her father thoroughly disapproved of their affair.

Nibbiett told the CBN News, “When a woman gets pregnant with a half- American and half-Vietnamese child, the society will look at the woman in disgust, even the people closest to her.”

Thuy-Nga hardly saw her baby boy after giving birth to him as her father immediately took the baby away from her, and she was never told where. Thuy-Nga ‘s father took the baby to an Orphanage expecting the baby to be fostered.

Time passed by, Thuy-Nga, didn’t see her baby again, and the boy grew up in the Orphanage.

However, the boy was fostered when he was 2-years-old. He was named Kirk Kellerhals by his adoptive parents. The boy was told that his real mother and father died during the Vietnamese war by the Orphanage.

The little guy didn’t know the truth that his parents were alive and that he’s innocent mother was expecting and praying to see him.

However, the boy is now an adult and lives in Virginia Beach, South Carolina. Kirk always intended to find out information about his biological parents but didn’t proceed to do any research for a long time.

Kirk’s biological mother, Nibblett, now lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her spouse. Even after decades, her will to find her son never perished. Therefore, she added her genetic information to the family DNA website, hoping that her son would do the same one day. Eventually, Kirk’s wife got to know about the website and made Kirk upload his genetic information to the website.

As Kirk added his DNA information, he found his biological mother within a few weeks. However, Thuy-Nga Thi Nibblett took more than a couple of years as she said her information a lot earlier.

” A few weeks after adding the genetic information, I got a reply email from the family DNA website. I was surprised as it said that they found a match for my DNA and that it was a parent-child match. Initially, I thought it was a mistake because it was shocking,” Kirk explained to CBN News.

As soon as Thuy-Nga got the News, she emailed her son, asking him to call her right away. Kirk was still in utter shock. Even after talking with Thuy-Nga, Kirk was still in disbelief. He’s not wrong, as he believed his parents were not alive for most of his life.

The two made plans to reunite.

A few weeks passed by, and finally, Thuy-Nga drove from Texas to Virginia Beach, South Carolina, along with her husband, to meet her son. Kirk anxiously waited for his mother to arrive.

As Thuy-Nga arrived, Kirk opened the car door for her, and then they hugged each other as tight as they could. Both Thuy-Nga and Kirk were shedding tears and swimming in a pool of emotions.

Kirk never expected to see his mother, but it happened. “Thank you, God, for bringing my baby to me,” said Thuy-Nga while shedding tears of joy. These were the first words she spoke after they met. Kirk followed, “Thank you, mom, for finding me.”

The video of their reunion melted hearts online and got over 1.2 million views.

Watch the beautiful reunion yourself in the below video. Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones.

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