Giving birth to a baby and seeing their baby’s face for the first time is the most precious and magical thing a human can do during their whole life. Babies have that fantastic way of turning even a tiny moment into magic full of joy. Unconditional love comes out from humans when they hold a baby with many more hopes ahead of them. Having a child is not an easy task, but rather it is magic per se.

Age is just a number.           


A couple from India who have been struggling for years to have a baby on their own finally decided to 

go for IVF treatments with thousands of innocent hopes of conceiving their baby. They did not find it difficult to bear any cost for having their kid. The most beautiful thing is this mother named Daljinder is seventy-two years old.

Persistence through the process of having the baby


Daljinder and her husband have been married for more than fifty years. Over these years, they have tried in every possible way to have a kid who failed to give them the missing happiness. Therefore, they looked into IVF treatments at the National Fertility and Test Tube Baby Center in Hisar. As the lady was seven two years old, the clinic was skeptical about the situation. But the persistence and the courage this lady Daljinder had could convince the people to go for this treatment where she had to go through extensive examinations, various tests and had to consult multiple doctors at once to make sure that she was healthy and strong enough to go through this challenging process and pass the rounds of IVF.


This couple had to bear 1 million rupees, equivalent to USD 12,000.00. In a video, Daljinder mentioned how she feels apart from their decision;

“Money does not matter to me. I wanted my child at any cost, and today I am a mother.”

Always worth the wait

This couple’s persistence, tolerance, and the cost all were worth the wait as they saw the face of their lovely son’ Arman. ‘

“We cannot thank God and our doctor enough for blessing us with a baby boy.”

They were started with overwhelming joy.


Daljinder is the oldest mother who gave birth to a kid at the age of 72 for the first time in the world. The next wonder and blessing are Daljinder delivered the baby boy naturally, and even she breastfeeds her son. As these parents admitted welcoming this little cutie had been more challenging than they expected. But that challenge is nothing since the parents have no regrets about this marvelous childbirth. While the blessed parents are overwhelmed by the joy in welcoming the little guy, on the other side, tons of people and media were waiting to welcome the new parents and congratulate them. She stated,

“Arman is like a celebrity. He has called all media to our house like that political party in Delhi.”

After many years of waiting and trying, this fantastic couple could be happier to welcome their magical and miraculous baby boy given by the god. Even though the couple does not know what the future will be, they are so thankful for every moment they have with their angel. The parent plans to give the baby the best they can give him their life. The father leaves us with these words.


“Who knows about the future? Only time will tell what the future holds for our son. We plan to give him the best of everything when he grows up.”

This unique ability to remind us of the magic and miracles on lives and breaths all around is only possessed by the babies. They are like angels. Primarily, this little Arman is a miracle per se. We wish him and his loving parents be blessed by every good thing on earth to make their future more beautiful and safe.

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