Mother confesses that she checks her children’s cell phones: “I pay for them, they are mine”


Parents are undoubtedly capable of doing anything to care for and protect their children, but how far are we capable of going based on the fact that we are simply protecting them? On more than one occasion, we have heard or seen that the limits of what is morally well seen are crossed by the simple fact of keeping our little ones cared for and protected, especially when we reach the stage of adolescence, this stage that is coming. Loaded with an infinity of changes and worrying new experiences for any parent.

Nowadays, thanks to the studies and the teaching of respectful parenting, many first-time parents are learning the correct way to raise their children based on trust, respect, and communication. However, we still see many parents convinced that just because their children are under their roof, they must comply with and respect specific rules that are a flagrant invasion of their privacy.

However, the privacy of children is just that, private. Therefore, there must be an unbreakable border. Still, this mother disagrees with all these concepts since Laura Muse claims to regularly check the mobile phones of her children, two teenagers in full growth.

«The phones are paid for by me, so technically they are mine. I have every right to review them and know what they do or who they talk to, even though many criticize me and think it’s disrespectful, I only do it to protect them.”

Laura, a 41-year-old woman who lives in North Carolina, United States, and works in the mental health field, assures that she is only a good mother and worries about her offspring’s safety. In a video she shared on TikTok, she confessed that she usually confiscates the cell phones of her two children: Cohen and Kylie, every night before bed.

In this way, the only thing she seeks to avoid is that young people use the phone until late at night, thus preventing them from performing correctly in their classes and daily sports activities by playing, watching videos, or simply sending messages to their friends. However, on several of those nights, she uses this same excuse to see what her children have been doing with their mobile devices.

It is worth mentioning that Cohen and Kylie got their mobile phones at 11. Since then, the woman has been observing what they do periodically throughout the day, what they see, where they browse, and who they have been talking to.

At first, Laura began to do weekly checkups without prior notice. Although her children did not like the idea, they had no choice but to give in to her mother’s requests since they knew that it was the price they had to pay if they wanted to continue using it. Now that they are teenagers, checkups are done more sporadically, but they are still surprises.

As expected, when the video with these statements was made public, hundreds of Internet users began to leave their messages in disapproval even though Laura assured them that she only does it to protect them from a danger that could be potentially harmful to them.

“The only thing he shows with this is that he does not trust his children at all. What is she supposed to be teaching them?” “I would have a heart attack if my parents tried to do this to me every night.” “I would never check my son’s phone, unless he gives me a reason to do so, but above all, trust must reign.”

Of course, some teenagers felt offended by this act, and in solidarity, they also decided to leave a message for this desperate mother.

“I delete half the stuff on my phone when my mom checks it.” “You know, you lose our trust every time they do that.” These were some of the comments that could be observed.

Do not forget to share this publication and leave us your comment for this mother who, although we are not always perfect, all she wants is to take care of and protect her children, although perhaps not in the right way. As a mother, do you approve of this method?

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