Mother attacks animal lovers, says the term fur babies is “an insult to moms”


Animal lovers are upset by a mother of three who believes that referring to dogs as “fur babies” is disrespectful to mothers.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, “fur babies” refers to pets that are treated with love and kindness as if they were babies. This term is used by pet parents who consider their four-legged children to be a part of their family.

The lady, who admits she might seem like a “holier-than-thou parent,” failed to realize that “fur babies” is a phrase commonly used in English. Consequently, her judgmental criticism of pet owners triggered a flood of reactions from the online community.

There is a growing divide between people who see their dogs as babies and those who see them as just animals. According to Forbes, around 76% of cat owners and 85% of dog owners consider their pets as part of the family. Moreover, American spending on pets rose from $123.6 billion in 2021 to $136.8 billion in 2022.

In a separate survey of 2,000 individuals who own cats and dogs, 81% of participants mentioned that they treat their pets just like they treat people. Additionally, 71% of respondents stated that they often prioritize the needs of their animals over their own.

A survey conducted by Chewy revealed that 47% of participants consider their pets as their “babies,” while 31% identify themselves as the “mom or dad” of their furry companions. Elizabeth Broadbent finds this offensive to actual moms.

Broadbent released an article in an online magazine during the summer of 2022, advising pet owners not to call their pets “fur babies.”

The mother of three, who has two dogs and three children, insists that “kids and dogs are different.”

We never referred to our beloved dogs as “furkids” or “furbabies”. Dogs are not humans. Your puppy is not your child, so don’t claim that he is. I have three children and I can confirm that kids and dogs are different.

Internet users were furious after reading the Facebook post, as they strongly criticized her intrusive remarks.

One person mentions having extra time, acknowledging the distinctions. They have 2 kids and adore their pet. Another person agrees, emphasizing the unique roles of dogs, children, and kids.

One person says, “Our beloved dogs are like furry babies, they are incredibly loyal when shown love…this woman is clueless to ask others to do something so heartbreaking…everyone has the right to their own opinion.”

Broadbent describes how she made her home safe for her baby by getting rid of things that could be dangerous, like cleaning products and items that could cause strangulation, and by putting safety locks on cabinets.

To make sure the puppy is safe, she advised to remove anything that can be chewed, get rid of toxic plants, and give them suitable chew toys.

The American Kennel Club pointed out that she overlooked some important pet-proofing tips.

  • Remove/hide all chewing hazards (cords, plants, food, medication)
  • Place cleaning supplies in a safe place
  • Secure cupboards with childproof latches
  • Raise blinds to avoid strangulation

Broadbent, on the other hand, concurs that owning a pet is a significant responsibility that should only be undertaken by individuals who genuinely intend to care for the animal throughout its entire lifespan.

She suggests that you can mostly disregard your dog. However, the truth is that you are obligated to take care of your dog, unless you decide to leave. Before my husband and I had children, we used to travel frequently. We would leave our dogs at the doggie spa, pay extra for them to have playtime, and board the plane without feeling guilty.

Broadbent is among the majority of people who do not consider their dogs when planning a trip.

More over half (62%) said they wished they could take their pets with them when they travel, either “all the time” or “most of the time,” despite the fact that just 40% of respondents stated their pets affect the trips they take.

“Pets have become our whole world, so it’s no surprise to see them claim their rightful place of prominence in the household,” says Dr. Katy Nelson, senior veterinarian at Chewy. “This reflects the larger trend of ‘pet prioritization,’ or placing our pets’ needs above our own when considering major life decisions or planning our social calendars and daily behaviors.”

Online users in the “fur baby” camp are not pleased with Broadbent’s opinions.

One user writes, “So, I have two daughters and a fur baby. My daughters call the fur baby their little brother. My husband and I call him our son. He knows each of us by name. If my husband tells him to go to Mommy, he’s immediately at my feet. Some people cannot accept that these ‘fur babies’ are a part of our family.”

The post continues, “They are loved, and they love us back fiercely and unconditionally. I personally feel sorry for people who never experienced the unconditional love of a dog. Maybe then, they would understand ‘fur babies.’”

Another says, “She’s absolutely right, they are not the same. Animals are generally more polite and nicer to be around than some kids these days.”

Only a few of the over 16,000 comments support Broadbent’s viewpoint.

“I agree with her… they are pets…animals…not darling children,” says one in a comment that triggered hundreds of replies.

One fires back, “Why can’t they all be darling? I treat my fur baby as I would want to be treated. I show my son that same love and respect. I have enough love to go around!”

And another says, “Totally agree with you! My fur babies are more behaved than some “darling” children as well!!”

A fur baby lover writes, “My dogs, cats and whatever else I have as a family can be my “babies” whether they have fur, feathers, skin or scales. Each of them have a special place in my heart and life that gives them a loving title of my choosing. So don’t offend me with your tiny little closed mind, and crawl back under your rock.”

We adore animals and think it’s amazing how well people care for their four-legged children! Animals are such adorable, helpless little beings who need all the toppings that their human parents can provide in terms of unconditional love.

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