“Mom, remember that sometimes your magic kisses fix everything”


I’m growing up fast, faster than you think. You don’t notice it.

I won’t always wake up crying at night because I want to be by your side.

Sometimes when we walk together, my little legs tire of walking, and I ask you to take me in your arms. I know you are tired too, but entertain me like this, soon I will grow up, and I won’t need your hands anymore.

Other times I’ll sleep in the car and lay on your shoulder as you drive me home.

It’s one of those moments when I feel very connected to you, sleeping in your arms.

I will grow up soon, mom, and you will no longer need to check or clean the ice cream or chocolate off my face.

Sometimes I cry and get angry because they don’t give me what I want, be patient. I’m learning to have my character guide me and accompany me, but don’t shout, don’t hit me about this “issue”.

Remember that sometimes your magic kisses fix everything.

I won’t always be a little mom, but I assure you that I will still love you when I grow up.

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