Mom posed for a picture with her family, not knowing her Navy son had crept up behind her.


She turns around and it’s an amazing moment that can never be forgotten. ?❤️

Having a family member in the military can be hard, especially with the worrying and sadness that come with it.

It is especially difficult for parents to be away from their children, so when they come back together it is a very special moment.

We feel very strongly when we see soldiers reunite with family. It reminds us of how important it is to cherish our relatives and how much they mean to us.

A wish for a special holiday coming true.

A mom got an amazing gift from her family for Christmas.

The family went on a trip to Big Bear Lake in California the week before Christmas without telling their mom–they were secretly planning a surprise for her!

It took some time to get everything set up without her noticing.

What is the downside?

Wait until you hear how creative and well-planned the surprise was; it will make you happy!

It all began with a silhouette of her son.

They gave her a cutout of her son, which was just the start of the surprise they had planned for her.

It was time for the family to meet up at Danny’s Restaurant in Big Bear, CA for their surprise.

All the restaurant staff and everyone else were involved in the surprise, except for mom who didn’t expect her sailor son to be home for Christmas.

Take a picture while standing next to the cutout.

Mom smiled for the camera while holding a cut out of her son, imagining how happy she’d be if he was home for Christmas.

She had no idea that her son was right there, dressed in his sailor outfit!

Mom thought her daughter was using the app to put a picture of her son into the photo that looked very real.

Quinn excitedly told Grandma to look – Uncle Robin was in the photo on the phone that everyone was pointing out!

Mom said, “This photoshop app is really cool. How did you make it?”

She still did not understand.

It is understandable that she was not suspicious, but that was not the conclusion.

They took another picture, but Mom didn’t realize that someone was hiding in the background and thought it was an extremely realistic photo editing app!

It was difficult to make her stay focused.

The mom needed a good photoshop app, so her family had to make sure she stayed focused.

She finally saw her son standing there and screamed with joy! They were about to take one more photo when it happened.

I was delighted by the best surprise ever!

Everyone in the restaurant clapped and cheered as the couple hugged, and Mom started crying.

She was shocked and thrilled that her sailor son had come home and would be spending Christmas with the family.

Her daughter said that you had no clue and you didn’t consider checking back.

It’s time to take a good picture.

The family was all together and could take a great photo to celebrate their reunion when the surprise was done.

Mom eventually calmed down and wiped away her tears of joy, still surprised at the incredible plan her loved ones had come up with for her.

They gave her the best Christmas present!

The surprise is really popular, it has been seen over 22 million times! You can take a look by watching the video below.

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