Mom and daughter graduate from nursing school in same class


Graduation day is eagerly anticipated by those who have successfully finished their education.

The accomplishment of this mother-daughter team brought their loved ones together, multiplying the joy of the celebration.

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It’s truly remarkable that a mother and daughter from the same family have both graduated from East Carolina University’s registered nurse program. According to the institution, this is the first time such an incredible achievement has taken place.

Jessica Van Wagenen shared how, initially, people mistook us for sisters. However, I would then have to clarify that I am actually the mom, and we are navigating this journey together.

Van Wagenen, a retired former marine, mentioned that she put her dreams on hold to raise her daughters. However, fate intervened, and now she has decided to pursue those goals once again. Surprisingly, her daughter has also followed in her footsteps.

The mother explained, “I used to believe that the girls required a certain level of stability since we were constantly on the move and their dad was in and out of their lives. That’s why I made the decision to put aside my college plans and prioritize providing the children with as much stability as I could by staying at home with them.”

Keelin Van Wagenen’s daughter proudly admires her mother’s determination in pursuing her ambitions.

The proud daughter mentioned that she tells her every day how proud she is of her, and she keeps pursuing her dreams.

Both women have already embarked on their careers. Keelin, Jessica’s daughter, is currently employed as a pediatric nurse at ECU Health, while Jessica works as an operating room nurse at Carteret Healthcare.

The memories of going to nursing school together will be cherished forever, as both women agreed. “It’s so exciting. It’s wonderful to share that experience with my daughter. We’ll always have that bond,” Jessica expressed joyfully.

Keelin proudly mentioned, “It’s pretty awesome. While some went to school with their siblings and others with their partners, I can proudly say I went with my mom.”

Join us in supporting this mother-daughter duo as they pursue their goals in the workforce! It’s heartwarming to see them in action.

Such a heartwarming story that inspires us to persevere in reaching our dreams. Share this positive narrative with others to bring joy to their hearts.

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