Millions were given for land but the family refuses to give it up and appreciates it online

Developers too can’t help but commend them for standing their ground. Good for them.
Do you own anything that you wanna sell?

Well, that answer does depend on how attached you are to that thing and how much of an offer is made for it.

Though again, money ain’t everything in life

It is common for most of us to build certain emotional attachments with things we use or own which makes it difficult to let go of those things. but for the right price, such sentimental attachments could be bought off right?

Well, not for everybody

A family in Pond, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, has been knocking on their door with offers for their land and house, but the developers have repeatedly refused.

We are not talking about a small amount of money here, the estimated value of this property is less than $ 50 million.

That’s a lot of money!

Although still a property owner, the Zammit family persistently refuses the offer.

They have no idea about selling their family home and property, so they can flatten it out and develop it into multi-way homes.

The ponds have changed a lot since the family lived there.

Since 2018, developers had started to acquire vacant lands around the property and build track homes on them.

the homes are built in a packed and tight way as to get the best use out of the land

Other landowners in the area couldn’t help but sell their property when developers came knocking on their doors with attractive offers.

However, as we can see money can’t buy everything in the case of the Zammit family.

One developer even praised the family for standing their ground for as long as they have.

Taylor Bredin, an agent of Ray White Quaker Hill told 7NEWS Australia :
“The fact that most individuals dealt out years and years ago, these fellows have held on. All praise to them.”

He further said that depending on how far you push the development plan, they’d be able to get anywhere from 40 to 50 possessions on land like this, and when subdivided, a 300 square meter block is esteemed at a million dollars.

With the impressive offers floating around them, the Zammit family had still managed to hold on.

Of course, the amount of money offered for the property not only has the ability to change your life but also your grandchildren’s lives.

Yet what the Zammit family wants to do with their property is their concern. And still, they haven’t made any statement about whether they are selling or not.

Some things in life are worth holding onto.
What we can understand is that this land matters much more to the family than a bag of cash.

Although money is capable of buying many things in this world, it is fairly clear in this instance that it can’t buy happiness.

So if this family is happy in their piece of land, no amount of money could be able to take it away from them.

To learn more about the homeowners standing strong against big money, watch the video below!

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