Millions of people fell in love with a baby with Down syndrome after she gave her adoptive mother a “new smile.”


A video was taken of a cute baby girl with Down syndrome who wanted to give her new adoptive mother a big smile.

When the video was posted on the Facebook page of the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network, it got a lot of attention. Baby H, as she is called to protect her privacy during the adoption process, is now 8 months old and lives in Texas with her family.

When Baby H’s mom asked her how her day was going, she was sitting on her blanket with her. Her adorable face broke into the famous smile.

“When Baby H was almost 8 months old, she woke up one morning with a brand-new smile.” her mother told The Daily Mail. “We saw it a few times and realized she was giving us a cheesy smile. Every time she did it, we laughed and laughed, and she loved the attention.”

Check out the video:

In the interview, her mother also said that she had seen that Baby H could smile when she told him to. Her mother says, “Oh, I love your new smile!” in the next part of the video. That is just too cute! Can you show me once more?”

Baby H loves hearing her mother’s voice, so she has to smile big when she hears it. “Oh, my gosh, I like that new smile!” exclaims her mother.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, her mother said that she laughed because she loves her baby’s smile so much:

“My laughter shows how much we love this smile. She only smiled like this for a few weeks, so this video is a treasure for us.”

“We hope that everyone who watches will see how beautiful people with Down syndrome are,” she said. “A Down Syndrome diagnosis can be scary, but the truth is that your child has a purpose and will be able to live a full and happy life.”

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