Men Look More Masculine When Wearing Makeup, a Study Reveals


Makeup is no longer limited to women alone, as an increasing number of men are now embracing it. In fact, by enhancing their facial features and concealing imperfections, makeup can actually enhance the masculine appearance of men. It’s not just actors who are using makeup, but men from all walks of life and age groups are beginning to recognize the advantages of wearing it.

It increases attractiveness in men.

An increasing number of men are embracing makeup, and a recent research sought to explore its potential positive impact on men’s looks. A skilled makeup artist delicately applied makeup on a group of men, who were then photographed. These images were later evaluated based on their attractiveness. The findings revealed that the male faces were considered more appealing when they wore makeup, as opposed to when they didn’t.

It makes men look more masculine.

A beard can definitely enhance a man’s appearance, giving him a more masculine look. However, studies show that makeup can also have a similar effect by increasing lower facial contrast.

Makeup can enhance the facial structure.

It’s common knowledge that skillfully applied makeup can completely transform a woman’s appearance. However, it’s worth noting that men can also reap the benefits of using concealers and facial powders. The art of makeup has the power to enhance the perceived bone structure of men and make their faces more appealing.

Bonus: Dwayne Johnson on wearing makeup

Celebrities, like everyone else, sometimes wear makeup for work or photoshoots. Dwayne Johnson, a well-known actor with a strong physique, recently posted on his Instagram about his daughters giving him a makeover. He humorously mentioned that he hasn’t seen the final look yet, but he’s feeling pretty cool about it.

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