Men find a ‘stranded’ stray cow on the beach and jump into action to save him.


These two men were determined to bring this cow to safety.

It’s always sad when we see an animal in need. We often feel helpless and don’t know how to save them. But sometimes, someone steps up to give these animals a second chance.

That’s what happened with two men traveling through Sri Lanka.

They are mere tourists, but when they see a baby cow stranded on the beach, they spare some time to help it.

Two guys named Tal and Brandon were traveling together on Mannar Island, found in the western parts of Sri Lanka. One day, they went to relax on the beach.

However, they found a calf lying uncomfortably on the sand, so they decided to assess the situation themselves.

They assumed that the calf had drowned at first, but thankfully, it was still alive.

“I don’t know what this baby cow’s all about, man,” Tal said, monologing on camera. ”It’s alive. It’s pretty alive and well. I don’t know how to help him.”

They nursed the cow for a short while until they decided to bring it away from the beach.

The cow was lying weakly on the scorching sand and dehydrated. Tal pulled out a bottle of water and tried to make the baby cow drink it.

Since they couldn’t leave the calf lying there, Tal and his friend decided to carry him off the sand and find out how they could help the cow themselves.

They bathed the cow in seawater to keep its body cool as it had basked under the sun for too long.

Tal and Brandon tried to help the calf walk on its own, but at some point, it became hard for them to keep it up because the baby cow was too weak to walk.

Instead of forcing the poor cow to walk, they made the sacrifice of carrying the cow until they could find someone or someplace that could help them.

They brutally walked under the sun’s heat to save the baby cow.

They walked on the beach for hours, with Tal carrying the baby cow in his arms. The cow was heavy, and it was a rough and exhausting walk as the heat peaked.

They aimed to reach a Navy hut they had passed by previously and figured they could find some help there.

Tal and Brandon finally found someone in-charge from the Navy, and they led them to the hut.

The Navy hut was a Sri Lankan outpost of the Department of Wildlife Conservation, and they were relieved that they went to the perfect place for help. The cow was given another cool bath in the shack before he was to be taken to the fields.

But Tal and Brandon’s rescue adventures were not over yet.

They had to bring the cow back to the field to reunite with its family.

“Brandon and I didn’t know what was out here for us but, as destiny had it, there was a little cow that needed to be saved and we happen to be here at the right time, the right place and we saved [him]!” Tal said as he concluded their trip to Sri Lanka.

It’s incredible to see these guys taking time out of their trip to help a little needy animal. They’re true heroes.

Check out the whole rescue in the video below!

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