Meg Ryan took some time off acting to focus on her children: This is her today


Meg Ryan is probably the most beautiful 61-year-old woman. Wait till you see how she looks now.

Meg Ryan, the actress who starred in popular Hollywood movies like “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail,” became famous in the 80s and 90s. She was known as America’s sweetheart and was often referred to as the “girl next door.” With her captivating charm, charisma, stunning appearance, and talent, she quickly became a rising star.

A few years back, she made the choice to pause her acting career and dedicate all her time to her family.

Ryan was born in 1961 in Fairfield, Connecticut. Her parents split up when she was a teenager, which had a big impact on her life.


Ryan attended the University of Connecticut and then pursued journalism at New York University. While studying, she took up commercial work to make some extra cash. However, she soon developed a passion for acting and successfully secured a role in the television series As the World Turns.

Ryan achieved success in the movie Top Gun, portraying Carole Bradshaw, the wife of Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, played by Anthony Edwards. While filming, she developed feelings for her onscreen husband and they began dating briefly. Shortly after, Ryan got a role in Innerspace, where she crossed paths with her future spouse, Dennis Quaid.

She had a small role in “Top Gun” and starred in “Armed and Dangerous” with John Candy. This was a big opportunity for her, and she met Dennis, whom she later married, according to director Joe Dante in Cinema Retro.


Ryan and Quaid tied the knot on Valentine’s Day 1991.

Dennis exclaimed, “It felt like a sudden thunderbolt! We both knew instantly, ‘This is the one. We’re meant to be together.'”

The couple’s marriage endured for a decade. When they publicly declared their separation, speculations about her relationship with her co-star Russell Crowe became the talk of the town. Ryan and Crowe began dating during the filming of “Proof of Life.” Nevertheless, Ryan refuted any connection between her romance with Crowe and the state of her marriage, asserting that it was already falling apart.

Meg Ryan revealed in a 2008 interview with InStyle Magazine that her marriage of nine years was not as perfect as it seemed. Despite the great story, the reality was that Dennis had been unfaithful to her for a long time, causing her a lot of pain. It was only after their divorce that she discovered the full extent of his infidelity.

Ryan clarified that although Russell was present at the end, he did not cause the breakup of the marriage. Ryan believes that the public and the press only became aware of the situation later on. She emphasized that the reasons for the breakup had no connection to any third party.

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Quaid was upset by his ex’s remarks. He expressed disbelief that Meg kept bringing up their past relationship in public after eight years.

Despite her describing their marriage as “unhealthy,” he had a completely different perspective on their relationship. Quaid expressed his continued love for her and fondness, emphasizing the fun they had together. They had spent 13 fulfilling years as a couple, raising a child and sharing countless meaningful moments. She had truly made his life better.

Ryan and Quaid share a son. Jack Quaid, their son, followed in the footsteps of his famous parents and acted in the movie “Hunger Games” along with others.

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In 2006, Ryan decided to adopt a little girl named Daisy from China. Daisy was only 14 months old at that time.

Ryan told Redbook magazine in 2007 that she was determined to have a baby and found a connection with Daisy. She mentioned that she feels the same love for both Jack and Daisy, despite the different circumstances.

Meg Ryan in 2021 / Getty Images

Ryan, who is 61 years old, hasn’t been seen in public much lately. She also took a break from acting. However, her close friends say she is getting ready to make a comeback in Hollywood. Despite her age, she still looks amazing. We are excited to see her in upcoming projects.

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