Meet the “Trueblue Twins”


Even though twins are quite common, some people are always fascinated by how two distinct individuals can be so alike.

However, even though they shared many similarities, Megan and Morgan, the twins, caught the attention of more than just curious onlookers. At the age of four, their eyes resembled the color of crystal-clear water, and once a picture of them was taken, it spread like wildfire across the internet.

Megan and Morgan Boyd captured the hearts of many when they were just four years old, thanks to the adorable photos their mother shared on Instagram, earning them the title of the “Trueblue Twins”.

Most parents adore photos of their little ones, but the twins’ unique look has caught the world’s eye. They now boast over 153,000 Instagram followers.

It’s easy to see why, don’t you think?

On June 6, 2011, the girls were delivered.

Stephanie, the girls’ mother, came up with the nickname “Trueblue Twins” due to their unique blue eyes.

To tell Megan apart from Morgan, make sure to focus on the eyes of the women.

Megan is the only one who has two blue eyes. Morgan’s right eye looks different since it is dark brown instead of blue.

Here’s a fresh take on the text: These are how the girls look right now, at the age of nine.

It’s quite common for twins to wear matching outfits. And just like that, the Trueblues are no exception to this tradition.

Stephanie loves shopping for her daughters’ clothes and keeping their closets up-to-date.

She is deeply invested in the welfare of her twin daughters, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being.

Many admirers have been captivated and amazed by the unusual eye color of the girls.

It’s common for some individuals to assume that adults of African descent with blue eyes are wearing colored contacts, but in reality, their blue eyes can be attributed to a rare gene.

Stephanie, the proud mother of the Trueblue Twins, insists that even though she was born with naturally blue eyes, she never wears colored contacts.

Stephanie seems to be grounded even though her daughters have become popular online personalities.

It’s great that she recognizes Megan and Morgan’s natural beauty could open doors in the modeling world, but it’s even better that she’s not pushing them into that path.

Aren’t these lovely 11-year-olds such a joy to see?

These lovely sisters are destined to become beautiful women as they mature. If you agree, don’t hesitate to spread the word about their story!

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