Meet the cute Elf Owl, the world’s smallest owl.


They make small puppies-like noises.

The majority of people picture owls as significant, smart birds with wings.

However, such is not the case when you see an elf owl.

The Elf Owl resembles an elf, but it is just a little larger than a sparrow.

The smallest raptor in existence is an elf owl.

At the southern border of the United States and Mexico, it inhabits arid thorn forests, deserts, pine-oak forests, and riparian woodlands.

The lower Colorado River and southern Texas are home to a “scarce” population of elf owls, according to Audubon, due to habitat loss.

However, you may still find many of them in numerous locations throughout southern Arizona.

According to All About Birds, the Elf Owl is comparable to other songbirds in its habitat in terms of size and behavior.

In addition to other tree cavities, you’ll frequently see them nesting in old woodpecker holes.

They receive warmth and protection from the elements in these nests. It also protects against predators, including coyotes, ringtails, snakes, and other owls.

Elf Owls, like other desert birds, nest in cavities and will construct apartment-like structures with multiple cavities stacked on top of and against one another.

These nests are also used by other species of birds, including Brown-crested Flycatchers, Gilded Flickers, Gila Woodpeckers, Elegant Trogons, Western Screech-Owls, and Sulphur-bellied Flycatchers.

Tree ants, which consume leftover food from Elf Owl meals and other parasites, can also be found in Elf Owl nests.

Elf Owls hunt insects, anthropods, moths, beetles, crickets, katydids, scorpions, spiders, and occasionally lizards and small vertebrates during the night.

Elf Owls can be heard at night by keeping an ear out for their males’ puppy-like call. They bark, yapping loudly.

Elf Owls are considered to be somewhat unusual birds by some. Elf Owls don’t eat snakes, unlike many other raptors who do so.

They capture snakes and return them to their nests, where the snakes can consume any parasites that could damage the owls’ nesting places.

Sometimes a group of elf owls would attack a specific predator, such as a snake, a giant owl, or a mammal.

By taking away the predators’ capacity to surprise the victim, this “mobbing” approach dissuades predators.

Younger birds can identify their predators with their assistance.

The eldest Elf Owl, reportedly survived to be five years and ten months old.

During nesting season male are singing to attract female and secure their territory

The spherical caps of the “ear tufts” or feathers of the elf owls are lacking.

Their eyes are a light yellow tint, with thin white lines around them resembling eyebrows.

The video down below shows this little Elf Owl in action.

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