Meet the 13-year-old genius, the youngest student in Oxford’s history


Knoxy Daniel realized her son was different from other children when he was just ten months old. At this age, he could already write letters on the computer keyboard.

After that, at the age of 6, this prodigy was already a student at Oxford University.

2017 the youngest PhD holder, Shoshua Beckford, now 13, has been named one of the world’s top 30 people with autism (Kahn syndrome).

According to the father, the child’s acquisition of knowledge began very early, writing the letters on the keyboard, and then he began to learn different colors.

By the age of three, the child was reading fluently and, using audio recordings, was able to speak Japanese. I learned to type on a computer before I mastered writing on paper.

The father states that raising and raising a child with autistic disorder is difficult. Her son was homeschooled because he was too developed for public school.

In addition, Beckford does not get along well with other children his age, he prefers to hang out with teenagers or adults.

The boy’s father, Daniel, learned that gifted children aged 8-13 are being taught in Oxford. And although the boy was only six years old, he was already one of the students of the most prestigious educational institution in the world.

Not only that, the young scientist has excellent scientific knowledge, he has success in environmental and humanitarian fields. He took a keen interest in Egypt and wrote a children’s book about the ancient civilization of this country.

Beckford participated in the international TEDx conference in Vienna and presented a poem, “Saving Mother Earth”, dedicated to environmental protection. He received a National Award.

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