Matt, a father of two girls, finds a way to provide her daughters the independence and protection they need with a genius idea.

This could be something that you may have never heard. Well, continue reading because this is quite interesting.

Do you remember your teenage? How much did you prefer exploring? How eager were you to earn a living? More than everything, how much you love to make your own decisions. This was all about total independence.

Most teens nowadays leave their homes for college or find more independence in their lives.

Matt and Linda are the parents of two girls. When their children grew into teenage, they decided to move their living to a more spacious place.

Luckily, they found what they were in search of. It was a house with a big backyard. They thought the space will be useful in the future.

A few years passed, and the two daughters were at age of moving away. But they need them to be closer to them. So they had plans and started searching for container homes.

In no time, they found containers that looked gorgeous. Each was 340 square feet and was 60000 dollars each. If furnished it was 70000 dollars per unit. The parents worked to buy two for the girls.

“Buying the container homes was an investment that came out handy for us because my parents and Linda’s parents are getting older, and we could give the container houses to them when our daughters leave. I think it’s a good way to have them near us and provide them the private space they need, at the same time” said Matt.

It worked in the same manner for the girls, giving them the privacy they need under the supervision and protection of their parents.

The two girls didn’t have to install their own power and water units as Matt worked to share the power and water units of their house with the two containers.

Ashley left home for college a few months later, and Braedon, Maddie’s friend, moved into her container house temporarily. As Breadon was looking for a place to live for a short period, this was perfect for him.

He rented the container as it was better compared to an apartment in every aspect.

Both container homes had a living room with plenty of space. Maddie’s living room area had air conditioning, a television, and a sofa that could be turned into a bed. Breadon’s living room was the same compared to Maddie’s but with an X-box and a dog bed.

The containers included a complete kitchen area with a microwave per container. Anyway, as Maddie still eats and cooks in her parent’s home, the kitchen in her container was not being used.

Breadon had space left in his container, even after storing everything he needed, while Maddie, who had more wardrobe and shoes, was able to use the storage area to its maximum potential.

The majority of parents get worried and scared when their children start seeking privacy and independence.

But it’s important to teach children to live alone, fulfilling their needs on their own. The investment of Matt and Linda provided them with the chance to teach their daughters to live alone while monitoring them and helping them when it’s required.

What’s your opinion on this setup?
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