Man spent 20 years building the replica of Noah’s ark


This replica is located on the Maas river in the Netherlands, and for the last 2 years, it has surprised locals and strangers who walk through the place.

Its owner, Johan Huibers, is a passionate multimillionaire carpenter who has built the replica of Noah’s ark according to the translations of the indications God gave him in the Bible.

This man worked for 20 years and spent about 1.5 million dollars to complete his project, which is now an attraction in his hometown.

Johan revealed that he is currently concentrating on the last stage of his project, which consists of sailing the ark to Israel. This idea is not easy to carry out because he needs a large sum of money to start the trip, for which he has started a fundraiser to achieve it.

This millionaire is a devout Christian who has read and reread the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. His dream is to bring this literary version of the biblical ark to the land where God gave Noah the orders. Johan’s problem is that the ark has no sails or motors to move it.

To make the trip, you will need trailers and machinery to drag the ark. He estimates the cost would be more than $1.3 million. Johan commented in an interview that he wants to go to Israel with his ark because he “loves God’s land, his country and his people”.

Today Johan’s Ark is popular in the city and a tourist spot for locals and visitors to Limburg. This work measures more than 91 meters in length and is nearly five stories high. According to Johan’s testimony, he built the ark to prove that God exists.

He warns that due to global warming, sea levels will rise to levels we have never imagined and that, like Noah’s time, no one seems to be paying attention to the evidence. , so he has decided to take his “refuge” from the imminent flood.

The main objective of this man was to take the ark to the Rio 2018 Olympic Games, but he did not have enough money to achieve it, so he decided to do it again with Israel in his sights.

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