Man puts the funniest messages on community sign that have motorists laughing.


This is exactly what I needed today – I laughed at each one. ?

The Indian Hills Community Center has a sign outside its venue that was built for local announcements.

Event information, important updates, and other tidbits of information were frequently posted on this sign.

Then one year on April Fool’s Day, the center decided to post a funny message instead.

Center volunteer Vince Rozmiarek put up a message that read, “Indian Hills annexed by Morrison slow down.”

“I could not believe how many people were calling the police,” Rozmiarek joked to 9News. “I really had the people at the Sit N Bull bar scared out of their minds. I did that and just decided that got a lot of attention so I’ll start throwing things up there.”

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From that day on, the Indian Hills Community Center sign has become something of a local treasure trove of hilarious messages that the townsfolk have come to enjoy.

Below are some of the best signs Vince has posted.

Community center sign has local residents laughing out loud

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“I always get a big giggle out of it,” Rozmiarek continued. “It makes you feel good if you make a ton of people laugh.”

Good luck keeping a straight face reading this pun out loud

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A Facebook page created by Micahlynn Kaza is dedicated to the signs. They have over 26,000 followers.

“It’s quite hilarious, really, seeing how far the sign has spread and how much people love it,” Kaza said. “I think it’s quickly becoming the ‘thing’ Indian Hills is known for.”

You might not ever look at Pilates the same

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I gotta admit, that sounds even better.

A hot wife

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Ok, that was a good one.

Why cheeseburgers are the best accomplices

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While it is true that cheeseburgers will never turn you in for a crime you committed, they are actually wholly unable to help with said crimes.

This is mainly due to not having opposable thumbs but also because they are cheeseburgers.

Have you ever had the strange sensation you’ve eaten the same mustard before?

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Maybe you ate the mustard in another life or a different timeline altogether.

Or maybe you ate the mustard yesterday and are thinking about that.

A librarian walks into a bar

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The above sign makes me wonder if that exact scenario has actually played out in real life.

Perhaps there is one librarian out there with a fun sense of humor that did this very thing once for a laugh.

Maybe there is a librarian reading this right now who is considering doing so.

It’s the not knowing that is the most difficult.

Really into Whole Foods

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Don’t ask me for a bit of my Kit Kat. Get your own Kit Kat.

Oh, buried treasures

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Lol, we all might know a few.

Math is really difficult

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I wonder if this person noticed a pattern forming…

What would Eucalyptus say if it could talk?

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“You Clipped Us.” Get it?

Note to self…

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I will certainly remember not to play leapfrog with a unicorn – it’s too painful to even think about.

A mystery almost solved

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We hope they post a sign letting us know the answer. I’m rooting for the egg.

Talk about some hilariously clever signs – watch the video below to find out more about them!

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