Do you remember these? Man discovers mysterious tools in his grandparents’ home


A young man was surprised when he came across a hidden treasure while going through his grandparents’ belongings after they passed away.

The two were unable to figure out the potential identity of these metal objects until they stumbled upon some information online.

Nutcrackers are long metal rods. This particular type of nutcracker, believed to be from the 1940s or 1950s, was commonly used to extract the edible nut from its hard shell.

It’s much simpler to get to the tasty parts of nuts in general with these tools, but they are especially handy when it comes to enjoying chestnuts.

This nutscracker is often found in sets of seafood equipment, which also include tools for extracting meat and breaking shellfish.

The wooden bowl that coordinated with the nutcrackers and was crafted to mimic a chestnut was commonly seen together with them.

It’s amazing how we and our grandparents used to share the same tools at home. Those tools hold so many precious memories!

Have you ever had picks or nutcrackers like these before? Share your favorite memories of them in the comments below!

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