A 96-year-old woman was scared to fly, but a kind stranger sitting next to her helped calm her fears.

Megan Ashley, a passenger sitting nearby, saw what happened and shared it on Facebook. She was on a Southwest flight from San Diego (SAN) to Nashville (BNA) when she noticed a 96-year-old lady who hadn’t flown in 15 years.

The older woman requested to hold her neighbor’s hand when the plane took off and embraced him tightly when there was turbulence. The man, whose identity remains unknown, was kind and generous during the entire flight, and continued to be so afterwards. Ashley recounted his actions.

The man was truly an angel on her flight, offering a helping hand every step of the way. It was heartwarming to see him comfort her and ensure she was safe and cared for throughout the journey.

That was such a lovely gesture. I look forward to being able to lend a helping hand in a similar manner someday.

I began my day by reading two heartwarming stories to remind myself that not all news is negative. Despite the occasional drunk flight attendant or unruly passenger, there are many more stories of kindness and love among flight attendants and passengers. These stories have already made my day brighter, and I hope they do the same for you!

If you found this touching story meaningful, pass it along to others and help us spread some more positivity together.

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