Man breaks down in tears when he learns that the airline lost his puppies, he was devastated.


When she arrived at her destination in Istanbul, the airline informed her that they did not know the location of her four puppies. They had traveled with him in the checked baggage area.

A saying that no one can deny is true is that the dog is man’s best friend. They are loyal and are always willing to give unconditional love. For some, their pets are considered a member of their family, so the thought of losing them is completely devastating. Such is the case of a man who faced what was possibly his worst nightmare on a trip. Upon arriving at his destination in Istanbul, the airline he was traveling with, along with his four puppies, informed him that they lost the puppies at some point on the trip. The news left the man completely destroyed.

The news was made known thanks to a video posted on the Tiktok platform. The account @marcelitahd uploaded the part where you can see the moment in which the tourist is informed by the airline at the Istanbul airport. Apparently, the puppies traveling with the luggage did not reach their destination and had no idea where they could be found.

Upon receiving the news, the man burst into tears and began to have an anxiety attack. he began to crawl on the floor, as the staff could not give him a reason for the whereabouts of the puppies and they even ignored him. From the perspective of the video, it seems that no one wanted to reach out to offer support.

The event sparked a great debate among users, as it is known that lost luggage is common at airports. However, it seems that carelessness is also with pets, as there have been cases where they even lose their lives due to crushing the rest of the luggage. Given this, there are people who have begun to fight for a change in airline policies, so that animals can travel in the cabin with their owners.

As always, the comments area was flooded with the various opinions of users: Only those of us who love our 4-legged beings know what it feels like, ‘I don’t wish the panic attack you are experiencing on anyone. I hope you find them, ‘You will never be able to understand these kinds of videos until you have the joy of living that love’, ‘I almost cried, I understand your desperation, I’m glad to read that you found them, I hope it helps the airlines have the best service and be careful’.


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Fortunately, hours later the airline was able to locate the puppies. They were at the Swiss airport, where the man had transferred to reach Istanbul.

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