Love at first sight Newborn hugs mom tightly seconds after birth


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A few years ago…

The love that developed between the newborn child and his mother was instantaneous. The little girl and her mother shocked the medical and nursing staff—those staff who were with them during the birth from the first moment.

The reason was none other than the first hug they exchanged. She was very tender and captured on video. This particular video is going around the world and on the internet.

The birth took place in a hospital in Brazil. More specifically, at the Santa Monica hospital. The little girl who was born was named Agata Ribeiro Coelho. She was found in her mother’s arms after the caesarean section procedure.

The newborn baby stuck her face to her mother. In fact, it seemed that she was not willing to move away from her. This, because he got comfortable in that place. She enjoyed the warmth and tender words her mother whispered in her ear.

“The moment my daughter hugged me for the first time was shocking,” her mom later said. “The medical team was excellent, and everyone was amazed with our little one. They couldn’t believe how tender she is to me!” said her mother.

Newborn: The touching moment of mother and newborn girl

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