A man was walking home from work when he noticed a little animal on the sidewalk!


While a Thai man was returning from work, he noticed a small animal on the street. As he approached, he realized it was a cat that had never been silent since birth. Witnessing its vulnerability and loneliness, the man made the compassionate choice to bring the cat home and provide it with care.

The creature couldn’t survive alone on the roads.

After the man brought the kitten home, he fed it milk from a bottle and took great care of it. The animal quickly settled in with its new owner and was content in its new home.

The little kitten underwent growth over time. The man began to realize that the animal he had nurtured was not like a typical cat. As it progressed, it became more evident that it belonged to a completely different mammalian species.

After seeking advice from a veterinarian, the man discovered that the animal was indeed a fishing cat.

The fishing cat boasts a sleek, gray coat with a consistent pattern of fur all over its body. Its back displays a rich brown color with small, evenly distributed rows of black or dark brown markings in different sizes.

An adult individual typically has a tail measuring between 25 and 33 cm, a body length ranging from 75 to 86 cm, and weighs anywhere between 8 and 14 kg.

The legs are long and narrow, ending in slightly webbed toes and sharp claws that can retract only partially.

A “fisherman cat” refers to someone who takes pleasure in catching fish, snakes, frogs, crabs, crustaceans, crayfish, snails, and water insects in semi-aquatic surroundings. There are also rumors that it preys on lambs, calves, mice, birds, and reptiles.

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