Listen to the 230-foot organ in Croatia that uses the sea to produce haunting melodies.


In an incredible partnership between humanity and nature, the 230-foot sea-organ in Croatia creates captivating tunes using the power of the Adriatic sea’s winds and waves. The melodies produced are random yet calming and melodic.

The “morske orgulje,” known in Croatian, is a sea-organ created by Croatian architect Nikola Basic and opened to the public in 2005. Water and wind enter through openings at the bottom of a set of steps, which are then funneled into resonating chambers. The sounds from these chambers escape through holes along the uppermost steps.

The site of Zadar was heavily damaged during WWII, with ugly concrete constructions replacing what had been there before. However, the renovation of the city saw a remarkable transformation—a long concrete shoreline was replaced by an organ that has become a popular lunch-spot for both tourists and locals. Listen to its unique sound by scrolling down!

Image credits: linssimato

Listen to the sea organ play below:

Image credits: Lisa
Image credits: Pierre Maheux
Image credits: maximeaudrain
Image credits: wikipedia
Image credits: felber

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