Lions found the perfect home after years of cage life in a circus.

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All animals have the right to live in their natural habitat. A natural habitat, fit for their lifestyle.

A species’ habitat can be seen as the physical manifestation of its ecological niche. Whether it be land, water, or air, it should be a place with plenty of food for the species to continue their life. Having proper environmental conditions which keep them safe and healthy and protection from predators are other important factors.
Anyway, all animals don’t get to enjoy their natural habitat.

There are a lot of animals around the world in confinement. The zoos, aquariums, and amusement parks around us are the best examples of confining animals. Even if someone keeps a wild animal as a pet, they belong to the wild, where they can live freely. While some humans continue to do such things to animals, some work hard to bring them back to where they belong.

Gladly, this story of the four lions bred in confinement ends on a happy note, as they get the freedom they deserve.

The four lions, Angela, Bellone, Saida, and Louge were born and bred in confinement. They grew up in awful living conditions which were far from comfortable. They spend their whole life till now, performing tricks for noisy crowds in a circus, which went around the country, France.
The lions were forced to sit back in cages while the circus moved from one place to another. They weren’t fed with enough food required by a lion for a healthy life.

After years of life in captivity, the lions were rescued by Born Free Foundation in 2018.

The foundation took the lions back to South Africa with the support of the kind-hearted people who helped the foundation raise money to transport them. The ‘Lazy Lions’ animal welfare foundation also joined with them, providing specialized care for the big cats.

But, transporting the lions to South Africa wasn’t easy for them due to COVID 19.

The pandemic affected their plans so much that, they had to postpone the transfer by two years. Anyway, this allowed the foundation to gather more donations, help the animals recover, and prepare for the transfer. During the pandemic, the lions were kept in a rescue center in France, where they received good care.

And in 2022, the lions were finally brought back to their homeland.

After a long journey, they were brought to Shamwari Private Game Reserve in South Africa. And were kept in a three-acre lot there.
The lions were kept in the reserve to help them slowly adjust to their new world. Because they were bred in confinement and are not ready to be sent out directly to the wild.
The manager of the Born Free Foundation, ‘Catherine Gillson’, told BBC News, ” Seeing, hearing, and feeling others of their kind will help the lions heighten their senses as they get accustomed to the new living conditions of their new home.

The video shows you how the lions move out of their cages carefully.

Angela, Bellone, Saida, and Louga have finally found freedom. They took small steps and sniffed the air of their new home. And when the lions realized that they are at the place where they belong, they ran freely. This was all thanks to the kind-hearted human who worked hard for the freedom of the lions.
Check out a video about the lions’ rescue below!

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