Let’s look at a new accessory for your pets – A bread mask.


Do you have a soul mate at your home? I mean a pet. Ok, then there’s only a slight chance of you getting bored. Despite the changes from a human friend, pets provide us with selfless love and joy holding us busy with happiness. In case you won’t agree with me, I came here with evidence ;-).

As all we know, cats and dogs are sometimes more photogenic than humans. Here we also have a new accessory introduced to make them much fit for the purpose. The photos are from various pet owners who captured their adorable with a slice of bread on their faces, appearing like a mask. Let’s explore it.

Hey! I’m the toast Girl.

The majestic Bently with his toast mask.

The mask needs some renovations immediately! I see nothing

He is adorable as always

Ok, that is enough photos for today. I need to leave

Oh, Dotti! You are just a symbol of cuteness.

This looks new. Let me pose.

He looks like he was born with it.

Aren’t there enough photos captured? Can I eat it now?

She poses like a trained model

Maxwell was astonished by his look with a bread mask.

I love bread!

Am I posing correctly?

Bread in black

What do you think of our fancy masked friends? Other than bread, what would you think would most fit on your pet? We love to know your ideas. But remember to have fun but not to hurt them.

By the way, don’t forget to share this with your loved ones to bring a smile to their faces.

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