Lele Pons is praised for posting photos of her body without retouching or filters.

Today beauty standards are no longer what they used to be. While they demanded perfection in the past, more public representatives are redefining what it means to be beautiful for anyone.

However, that does not always apply, and many people have the idea that they can continue to comment negative things about the body, face or image of people regardless of the damage they may cause.

Social networks are the perfect example of the impact that a single photo or video can have. Sharing something to look “cute” or gain “likes” can lead to the extreme use of filters or editing that separates what is real. Or not.

But as we said, it is increasingly common to see celebrities showing themselves naturally and representing naturalness in the best possible way.

Lele Pons is a Venezuelan singer and presenter famous for her sense of humour and sparkling personality. Still, she is also famous for being part of the body-positive movement.

The also YouTuber and comedian decided to share some photographs of herself posing in front of a mirror, with a bathing suit, her hair loose, and a little makeup, Lele showed her natural skin without using any filter or edition, and I accompanied him with a simple message « cellulite «.

Immediately, her Instagram followers poured in good comments and thousands of “likes”, as well as many expressions of affection and admiration for daring to show something as natural as cellulite.

It is not the first time Lele shows a different facet than what her fans are used to since, in other photographs and videos, she did the exact intention to try to promote self-love and the normalization of real bodies.

«Show your cellulite ??❤️exposing me! I have always been super insecure when it comes to my cellulite! I try to hide it as much as I can in the photos. But today I won’t! This is me, naturally. Who cares if others judge… Accept yourself and have confidence, “commented the Venezuelan in her publication.

A little over a year ago, she uploaded a small snippet of her process for getting fit and staying healthy through exercise and eating well.

Lele decided not to hide or be ashamed of a completely normal “imperfection”. On the contrary, she did not care that her body did not fit the beauty standards of the media industry or other people.

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