“Learn 8 neat tricks to figure out what people are thinking with psychology.”


“We’ve all wanted to be like superheroes and read minds, but did you know you can understand people just by watching how they move and act?”

“Words can be powerful, but body movements and gestures can sometimes send a different message. Our body language often reflects our subconscious thoughts, and we may do things without even realizing it until later.”

“We want to share some tricks with you that will make you appear as if you have psychic abilities.”

1. “Pay attention to where they’re looking.”

“Looking to the right or up can signal that someone might be lying, as it triggers their imagination and brings up made-up details. On the other hand, looking to the left or down may suggest that the person is recalling actual facts or structuring their thoughts as they speak.”

2. “If they’re nodding excessively…”

“When discussing a topic that the other person isn’t fond of, they may start nodding excessively. If someone is uncertain about their ability to follow instructions, they tend to nod excessively. That’s why it’s important to be attentive, and when you notice this happening, consider slowing down and rephrasing your message.”

3. “They might be faking a smile.”

“Many of us are bothered by early wrinkles, but what’s interesting is that wrinkles can reveal whether a smile is genuine or not. That’s because fake smiles don’t reach the eyes, so your eyes won’t ‘smile’ along with your lips.”

4. “If they’re clenching their jaw…”

“When someone clenches their jaw, it’s a sign of stress. If you observe them doing this, it suggests they are thinking about something stressful. This happens subconsciously, whether they are aware of it or not.”

5. “How to know if they’re faking their feelings.”

“Emotions show on the face, and if one side of their face seems more expressive than the other, they could be pretending to feel that emotion.”

6. “Watch for moments when they raise their hands.”

“Raising your hand with confidence, fully extended, can project strength and authority. However, if you raise your hand below head level, it may signal insecurity and shyness.”

7. “Watch their palms closely.”

“There are many hand gestures with various meanings, including these two. When your palms face upward, it suggests you’re making a suggestion or asking something. On the other hand, when your palms face downward, it signifies you are giving an order or making a demand.”

8. “Notice how close or far they are.”

“Observe the distance between you and another person to gauge their feelings towards you. If someone steps back when you approach, it may indicate an uneven connection. Sometimes, you can even discern the nature of a relationship between two people based on their physical proximity.”

“Have you accidentally used any of these techniques? Are there additional tricks you think should be included in this list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.”

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